Tuesday 7 August 2012

Au Revoir

Hello everyone, it's been a while...?

I know this is long overdue, perhaps too overdue to the point that no one gives a shit, but I thought I'd let everyone know what we're up to and say a final fairwell.

Without going in to a boring and tedious essay about the internet, mp3 blogocide and how we just don't have the time any more, it's common sense that everything has a shelf life and that people move on.

So with that in mind, I guess I should bring you up to speed on what we're up to. It made more sense to stop writing and start helping, so now our time is spent managing bands. I'm now managing Amusement and Tom manages Arthur Beatrice.

We'd originally planned on doing a series of posts or highlights feature or some funny interview thing to close the show. One where we slap ourselves on the back and our near genial sense of comedic timing and toilet humour shines through. But then we realised we'd be better served in saving that for our inevitable double-act on the club circuit once this whole music thing fizzles out.

Instead, I suppose it's fitting that we end this post and the blog on a track from each of our bands. We hope you enjoyed reading the blog as much as we did writing it, it's been emotional.

Amusement - Run Through The Door

Arthur Beatrice - Charity

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Thursday 30 June 2011

Hype: Don't You Know

In a post-Beyoncé at Glastonbury summer, it's time to break out the sunscreen and put away the umbrellas, to coax the sun out of hiding and tell the clouds that we don't want them anymore. It's time for We Humans.

The Shropshire four-piece have now emerged from months spent hidden away in studios and practice rooms fully formed, armed with an arsenal of pop tunes and a string of live dates. The first of which will be The Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton on 9th July, with further dates in Birmingham, Manchester and London yet to be announced.

Check out the baggy-flavoured One In A Million and head over to their Facebook here, where you can hear two even larger slices of pop music.

We Humans - One In A Million

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Wednesday 29 June 2011

Plug: Undiscovered Treasure

In yet more Kwes related news, he's unearthed another gem for the second release on his Bokkle label.

This time around it's Brixton via Moscow's diamond in the rough Bella Wilde with her debut single - the double sided Note / Without You.

It's the first glimpse of a number of ethereal and intensly personal tracks that Bella and Kwes (production / co-writing) have worked on together, which came about through a mutual friend and a mutual love of naturalism in sound, and you can jump on that now via iTunes here or preview Without You right here...

Bella Wilde - Without You

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Tuesday 28 June 2011

In Motion: We're Stuck With We

Elan Tamara - Don't Know Why (dir. Megan Sharp)

Here's the box fresh video for Don't Know Why, the lead track from long time IT favourite Elan Tamara's third EP, Organ.

Organ comes across as a far more intimate collection of tracks compared to her two previous EP's, as if there's a more grounded focus to them. It also seems to carry far more emotional weight in both the songwriting and scale of the instrumentation, which brings out even more depth in her unique vocal.

As ever, it's produced by the one and only Kwes and is out now on Big Dada. You can hear it in all its grace (and also purchase it) via Amazon here.

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Tuesday 24 May 2011

In Motion: Kill Time

Entrepreneurs - Fuck Tactics (feat. FOE & Ghostpoet) (dir. Daniel Swan)

Check out the complete mind-fuck that is the video for Entrepreneurs second release Fuck Tactics / Bubblegunk through Fear & Records.

It's available on CD now through Puregoove here and the lead track features partner in crime FOE as well as a guest verse from the impeccable Ghostpoet.

I hear the latter jumped on the mic during Entrepreneurs live set at Stag & Dagger recently, can anyone confirm if Hannah made it the full compliment or not?

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In Motion: Shake It Up

Here's a triple-threat of moving images from IT alumni, featuring new singles from Talking Pictures, Hussle Club and Ghost Eyes.

Talking Pictures - Mirrors (dir. Laura Martínova von Schloss)

Hussle Club - Quaranteenagers (dir. Bijoux Altamirano)

Ghost Eyes - Phantom Mountain (dir. Ghost Eyes)

Visually intense.

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Plug: Please Let Go

Erm... Hello? Is anyone there?

We're sorry that we've been so quiet recently as we've been crazy busy with other projects and party and bullshit. Oh, what's that? Of course we missed you too!

Anyway, I thought I'd bring things up to speed by catching up with the ghost of blog posts past and find out what's going on with our nearest and dearest.

First off, the disarmingly charming Danimal Kingdom released his debut single Vinyl Skipping Ever Backward / Through The Ice through the Slutty Fringe's love-child imprint Hot Pockets and can be heard in its entirety here:

Danimal Kingdom - Vinyl Skipping Ever Backward / Through The Ice

Featuring my second favourite Danimal track in Through The Ice (my first being Good As Gold), it's available from all good online and IRL shops.

Next up is the brooding loner that is Dave.I.D, who will release his debut album Response through his own Off The Uncertain Button imprint on !K7 Records on 13th June.

I've had the pleasure of hearing an advanced copy and it's just as heavy, pounding and darkly poppy as I'd hoped it would be after catching his impressive set at Brighton's Great Escape festival earlier in the month.

In typical celebratory fashion, here's a spectacularly acidic remix by The Horrors' synth man Tom Furse, it's an acquired taste.

Dave.I.D - Only Me I Can Save (Tom Furse of The Horrors Remix)

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Tuesday 19 April 2011

In Motion: After Five Long Years

Tom Vek - A Chore (dir. Ollie Evans)

A Chore is the first piece of the Leisure Seizure puzzle, which is to be released on June 6th. But I'm sure you already knew that.

Pre-order from Play.com here.

Welcome back, Sir.

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Wednesday 13 April 2011

Guest Mix: Beaú

Good evening.

We thought it was about time that we resurrected one of our most sacred features, reserved for only the most eclectic and distinct of our favourite music makers, the hallowed Guest Mix.

So let's get back in the New York groove and jump in at the deep end with the collective entity that is Beaú.

There's no tracklist, no half-stepping. Exist in the beautiful.

Guest Mix: Beaú

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Monday 28 March 2011

Hype: Love Driven

Other than some highly credible ramblings about Supermoons and existentialism, there's very little to know about Andrew Smith and Joe Sigee, or their Amusement.

It's too early to determine if this is by choice, circumstance or neccesity but what is important is that their brooding, melody driven electronica instantly caught my ear as I blindly navigated the dimly lit smoke filled corridors of Soundcloud.

Check out the wanton lust of Why Does Nothing Grow below and make sure you shuffle over to their Soundcloud and enjoy the equally dark tones of Take Me Alive.

Amusement - Why Does Nothing Grow

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