Monday, 21 September 2009

Hype: The Circle In Your Head Was A Square

It's not every day that you come across an octet of multi-instrumentalists from Yorkshire (or there abouts), never mind fall in love with them. So imagine my gleeful surprise when I stumbled upon Milk White White Teeth.

An ensemble that just ooze charm, MWWT's vocal harmonies matched with their unconventional approach to songwriting just gives me shivers at times and with the sheer volume of instruments and voices at hand, the possibilities are endless.

They're pretty much seem like a bunch of friends doing what they love and having fun, something that's definitely reflected in their sound, it's practically infectious.

In their own words, "Jon met Barrie, Barrie met Jon, Jon met Gilly & James, though they had previously met. Barrie met Michelle, Michelle met Barrie, Alistair was around so he joined in. Polly blew some notes on her own, then Alex kept her company conveniently they all get together now and then, occasionally they play music."

Their recent performances at Leeds & Reading have been heaped with praise and they'll be playing in Leeds this very evening at Nation Of Shopkeepers and at Brudenell Social Club on 13th October. However, I'm looking forward to seeing them at the haven that is Bungalows & Bears in Sheffield on 7th November, hoping to get my hands on one of their demos which includes this...

Milk White White Teeth - Train Attendants (YSI)

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Friday, 11 September 2009

Hype: The Things That Make Us Go Insane

It's no secret that I'm far from being a fan of the whole mysterious identity vibe, but sometimes it kind of pays off and the music speaks for its self, and sometimes that music is HUGE.

I Am Noxious is one of those rarities, wishing to remain anonymous for the foreseeable future, affording him the opportunity to focus on musical direction as I Am Noxious is a self-labelled "project in process".

It's definitely paying off. Wearing his influences on his sleeve, there are three fantastic tracks on his Myspace page, with We Pray being my outright favourite. An anthem of potentially epic proportions. Dowload this now.

I Am Noxious - We Pray (YSI)

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