Friday, 10 September 2010

In Motion: Find Some Peace Of Mind

Get People - Odyssey (+ live visuals)

Get People have been... well, busy people... since we first exposed their persons about this place Back In The Day - TWICE - re-arranging some original arrangements on behalf of New Islands and The Good Natured, as well as re-tweaking their own OG slices with the able assistance of Paul Waller and embarking on shrouded-in-secrecy mini-tours.

Because I'm nice, and because when he's not hating on holidays or being emo even Carl has his moments, we're generously serving up a third Get People exclusive before Summer finally slits it's wrists and bleeds faded hopes of happiness all over Fall's reddening rug... wow, emo: so contagious.

Guns up then for the cheery mystery of Odyssey and it's bright brilliance; a breath of fresh air set to be exhaled/released on our bosom buddies Hit Club in October.

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