Thursday, 17 June 2010

Hype: These Fine Days Are Numbered

Get People - Deity

Busy week this week. Lots of little trees finally bearing fruit, 'From tiny acorns...' and all that.

We're rounding it out with a video for the rather fine, rather dandy Get People; London's very own harbingers of uniquely exquisite and excellently eclectic tropical pop, bursting on to the scene like an over-ripe Opal Fruit with Deity, a tribal treat of a track that takes influences from as wide-a-range of places as it take you to, IN YOUR MIND.

Be advised that their sprightly re-working of New Island's new single Cold is the first taste of a particularly fruity bunch of remixes waiting to be offered up to the (blo)Gods, so expect to hear more soon.

This shit actually is bananas, don't sleep daydream believers.

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