Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Au Revoir

Hello everyone, it's been a while...?

I know this is long overdue, perhaps too overdue to the point that no one gives a shit, but I thought I'd let everyone know what we're up to and say a final fairwell.

Without going in to a boring and tedious essay about the internet, mp3 blogocide and how we just don't have the time any more, it's common sense that everything has a shelf life and that people move on.

So with that in mind, I guess I should bring you up to speed on what we're up to. It made more sense to stop writing and start helping, so now our time is spent managing bands. I'm now managing Amusement and Tom manages Arthur Beatrice.

We'd originally planned on doing a series of posts or highlights feature or some funny interview thing to close the show. One where we slap ourselves on the back and our near genial sense of comedic timing and toilet humour shines through. But then we realised we'd be better served in saving that for our inevitable double-act on the club circuit once this whole music thing fizzles out.

Instead, I suppose it's fitting that we end this post and the blog on a track from each of our bands. We hope you enjoyed reading the blog as much as we did writing it, it's been emotional.

Amusement - Run Through The Door

Arthur Beatrice - Charity

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