Monday, 23 June 2008

Centerfolds And Empty Screens

My name is Carl, I'm 21 years old, and I have an addiction.

It's We Have Band, aka the Mancunian trio Thomas, Dede and Darren.

I'm quite clearly losing touch when the fucking Guardian beat me to a band, but I don't even care, We Have Band are that good.

Obiously the jury is still out on their name, but there's no denying their talent, sounding like... fuck, just listen to my favourite song of 2008...

We Have Band - You've Had Band
We Have Band Myspace

Friday, 20 June 2008

She Thinks She's Better Than Me

With more attitude than Cobrasnake/Cory Kennedy and Feadz/Uffie (pre-break-up) combined, SLUTTT are about to make the world stand up with their forthcoming debut EP.

First surfacing with their remix of The Teenagers' downright whore of track Fuck Nicole in 2006, unashamedly turning it into some girl that seduces you in a club, only for you to discover that she wants a menage-a-trois with the 6'5 and 18st bouncer; nothing much was known about them at all.

All that changed when the duo were recently revealed on IHEARTCOMIX as US producer/DJ Redfoxx (behind the music) and a young femme fetale called Molly (vocals). In celebration of the soon to be released Stop Copying Me EP, here's their take on teenage fashion plagiarism, having been shown the remix treatment by Canadian hipsters Jokers Of The Scene.

SLUTTT - Stop Copying Me (Jokers Of The Scene Remix)
SLUTTT Myspace

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

What The Fuck Is You Gonna Do About It?

So... after a long wait, the release of Simian Mobile Disco's remix album Sample And Hold is just around the corner. And my god... it's worth the wait.

Containing remixes from a really diverse array of sources including Chrome Hoof, Cosmo Vitelli, and Simon Baker to name a few. It really adds a fresh twist to the already classic Attack Decay Sustain Release and features some of the best remixes I've heard in a long time.

Personal highlights are legendary French electronica whizz Joakim's remix of Hustler and a brilliantly exotic 8 minute rework of It's The Beat from DFA's criminally underrated Shit Robot. I've got a sneaking suspicion the latter is going to be one of my most played songs this summer.

Released through Wichita on July 28th, seriously; invest in it. I will be.

Simian Mobile Disco - It's The Beat (Shit Robot Remix)
Simian Mobile Disco Myspace
Pre-order Sample And Hold @ Amazon


Monday, 9 June 2008

Sounds Like: Proper Fuck

So, as usual, I stumble around the internet and come across some music that I really like and think "I'll blog that!", only to discover I've been beaten to it by everyone and their mother. I guess I should read other people's blogs more...

SymbolOne are two DJs/Producers from Croatia, although their myspace would have you think otherwise. Look a little deeper and you'll find Vinko and Ed, two producers out of the Kavinsky/Danger mould.

With an EP coming out sometime in August with remixes from Moulinex and Passions, love from Daft Punk and Kavinsky himself, to featuring on Justice's rejected FabricLive mix, things are going to kick off on an international level, and soon.

SymbolOne - Everything Louder Then Everything Else
SymbolOne - Love Juice
SymbolOne Myspace


Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Less Than Three

Well... where to start?!

A certain Glaswegian 20 year old by the name of Joe Rodger has me pretty much stumped, a music journalist's nightmare/wet dream, he is simply impossible to pin down.

While listening to his songs, I feel like I'm being taken on a journey through some twisted children's fairytale, where things just aren't how they should be and nothings for certain. I like it, a lot.

Full of pulsating bass lines and sharp twists in both time signature and musical theme, he treads the insane/genius line with consummate ease.

With debut single Can We Go Yet, Mummy? set for limited release on LiveIn Records sometime in August and a spot on Scotland's T In The Park bill in just over month and a weeks time, things are looking good.

Joe Rodger And The Velcro Quartet - Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
Joe Rodger And The Velcro Quartet - The Lovesong Of Little Cosmo Nostradamus
Joe Rodger And The Velcro Quartet - Karaoki! Karaoh-No!

And this song gets it's own little blurb because, although it's a little different from his usual sound, it's genuinely one of the best written songs I've ever heard. For geeks and Internet fanboys/fangirls all over the world; here it is...

Joe Rodger And The Velcro Quartet - Suddenly They Realized They Were Compatible

Joe Rodger & The Velcro Quartet Myspace