Thursday, 29 April 2010

Plug: I Will Be Your Beat

Clock Opera - A Piece Of String (Promo)

It had been all too quiet on the Clock Opera front recently, far too quiet for my liking in fact, but all that changed with the unveiling of the superlatives-cannot-do-it-justice remix of Marina & The Diamonds re-release of I Am Not A Robot by our US pen pals Neon Gold on Monday (which can be found here) and released on 679 Recordings (purchase the high quality version here).

If there were any doubts left as to the level of the genius that Guy Connelly et al operate, they are about to be obliterated as Clock Opera are set to release my favourite track, the awe-inducing A Piece Of String through French label Maman Records on 7th June. Pre-order the 7' from Puregroove here.

To coincide with this, there are a number of upcoming live dates including Live At Leeds, Camden Crawl, Standon Calling and Stag And Dagger festivals, details and dates of which can be found on the Myspace.

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Friday, 23 April 2010

Hype: Lost A Love Deep Inside

We've been enjoying a run of what can only be described as 'not-actually-that-warm-with-a-faint-chance-of-sun' weather recently, which is clearly more than enough reason to ditch the duffel coat and sensible shoes for string vest and flip-flops, right? Perhaps not.

But whatever the weather, it's always important to team any look with a couple of cheeky new pop songs, and it's at this point London's Sensual Sports step out from the sartorial shadows to lend you a fresh pair of silky-smooth briefs.

Taking their name (kind of) and their musical cue from Sexuality-era Tellier, Thomas Deakon and Vincent Ullens are new to the scene, but bonded by a love of Kitsune compilations are already producing some lovely laidback sounds all their own.

Through a combination of their generosity and our harassment, we have two early-days demos for you to sample; the light and floaty Lost Love and the bright and breezy Japanese Beach Girls. Both ready wear to Sir, natch.

(Edit: Turns out it's actually quite hot in London today, who knew?)

Sensual Sports - Lost Love (YSI)

Sensual Sports - Japanese Beach Girls (YSI)

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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Who's Who 2010: We Humans

And finally, four months after we began on our quest to find the ten artists we think will shape the sound of 2010 and beyond - we conclude with the inevitably ubiquitous We Humans.

Background information is pretty limited at this point in time so the music is left to do the talking, and from the tracks that I've had the privilege of hearing so far (ranging from huge melodramatic ballads to uplifting summertime jams) We Humans seem all but destined for pop stardom.

Although surfacing only a couple of weeks ago, an industry-wide scramble can't be too far away even at this early stage, then it will surely be only a matter of time before they invade and conquer the mainstream consciousness.

For now; go and get a cold one from the fridge and sit back and relax with this exclusive slice of mellow summer daze.

We Humans - I Don't Care (stream only)

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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Hype: That Don't Sound Like No Fun At All

Recently, my attention has been drawn across the Atlantic to Brooklyn (courtesy of the lovely Lizzy of Neon Gold), where a hip young gunslinger by the name of Devin Therriault is currently making all kind of waves on the all-ages live circuit.

Like a throwback to the age of Beehives, Jives and newly found sexual freedom; Devin's sound has classic Rock & Roll stamped all over it, and although seemingly a specialist in hugely catchy choruses upon first glance, it's his lyrical intricacies that really set him apart from the crowd.

His energetic and sexually charged live show has already garnered the interest of the NY indies and only yesterday he was sharing the stage with the likes of The Books, Surfer Blood and DJ Rupture at the Culture Shock festival at SUNY Purchase in Brookyln.

For a taste of things to come, here's the anthemic I Don't Think I. (Singing along is not optional, it's obligatory.)

Devin Therriault - I Don't Think I (YSI)

If you're in or around NYC over the next couple of weeks, be sure to check out the myspace for up and coming shows.


Also, feel free to become a fan of Illegal Tender on our newly created Facebook page by clicking below:

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