Tuesday, 29 January 2008

What A Man, What A Man...

Again, nothing new here but some music I just want to share because it's that-damn-good. White Flight is the solo project of Justin Roelofs of Kansas alternative rockers The Anniversary.

The story behind his self-titled album is a remarkable one, allegedly an assembly of sound vibrations, both electronic and vocal. Justin recorded the sounds shortly after returning from an enlightening exploration of traditional medicinal and hallucinogenic plants in the jungle of Peru whilst The Anniversary were on a four year hiatus.

With a sound similar to what I'd imagine Modest Mouse would be like if they were raised on a diet of hip-hop and funk, White Flight is full of weird and wonderful sounds and could almost be considered avant-garde.

Released in March of last year, yet still somewhat of a hidden gem, tracks to note are piano driven opener 'Deathlands', the utterly psychedelic RJD2-esque 'Great Gold' and the indescribable 'Superconductor'.

Rather disappointingly, Pitchfork only gave White Flight just 5.5 out of 10, but who reads Pitchfork anyway?!

White Flight - Deathlands
White Flight on iTunes


Monday, 28 January 2008


Admittedly, I was tipped off on the wonders of Edward Ma, aka edIT from another contributor to the blog, Harry. However I decided I'm going to abuse my rights as editor and steal his thunder.

edIT is a journalistic nightmare, his productions adopt many varied and strange styles but somehow manages to pull them off in a cohesive blend of Hip-Hop, IDM, Glitch-House, and Cut&Paste Electro, he is part of Los Angeles based group "Glitch Mob".

Collaborating with the likes of TTC, The Grouch and Abstract Rude on sophomore album Certified Air Raid Material, the sublime follow up to 2004's Crying Over Pros for No Reason.

Having taken four years in the making, Certified Air Raid Material was worth the wait, if the romantic, slow-jam inspired debut was music for the bedroom, this is music to get down and dirty in the club to. While filled with a more aggressive attitude and grit than it's predecessor, CARM is about "...this hole idea, when there's so much war going on, we don't need an more bombs in the world period. Except for the dance floor."

If there was a definition of "living the dream", edIT wouldn't be far from the mark. As a day job, he composes music for adverts and jingles having produced work for Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and Calvin Klein according to his myspace. On weekends, he's busy "slaying" clubs all over the world.

The future is bright, the future is Glitch-Hop.

edIT - Artsy Remix feat. The Grouch
edIT on iTunes


Thursday, 24 January 2008

There's No 'I' In 'Los Campesinos!'

It has been a whirlwind 18 months for feisty Welsh seven-piece Los Campesinos!, who are now all set to release their debut album Hold On Now, Youngster… in February.

Having set the blogosphere alight with their whimsical, innovative instrumentation, energetic live performances featuring their endearing call-and-response male/female vocals it’s not hard to see why many people were hailing them as the best new band of 2007.

Their 2007 EP Sticking Fingers Into Sockets was a breath of fresh air in a year full of nu-rave-a-likes, and their new album expands upon their existing catchy twee pop sound with songs old and new.

Including the well-loved dancefloor favourite You! Me! Dancing! and Don’t Tell Me To Do The Math(s), it's given the benefit of higher production values, courtesy of former Broken Social Scene producer and band favourite, David Newfield.

They’ve kept their twee-goes-dance charm, but with this record, everything seems more co-ordinated, sounds more cohesive and a lot better for it. 2008 should see Los Campesinos! bringing the International Tweexcore Underground to everyone’s attention – and it’s about time too.

Los Campesinos! - Broken Heartbeats Sound Like Breakbeats
Los Campesinos! Store


Wednesday, 23 January 2008

The Reciprocal Acts Of Seeing And Being Seen

I’m not sure whether this four-piece from New Zealand want emphasis on how modern they are or that they’re just averagely modern. Regardless, they put out a ‘fucking good tune’ and they are So So Modern.

Having released the Friends and Fires series on four limited edition multi-coloured 7"s on Transgressive, and the 7-track EP Friendly Fires, they only recently finished a massive 70-date European tour which started in September of last year.

A complete hash of sweat, noise and energy, think Shy Child partying with Blood Brothers, and more charisma than you can shake a stick at. Juxtaposing fast-paced electro with just bashing the hell out of their instruments - they promise to create ‘a more fun and meaningful future through performance and music’.

Having had the good fortune to see them perform at the Solent Union bar in Southampton (unfortunately, at a night named ‘Rave in a Cave’) - they lived up to everything I’d anticipated.

Colourful matching jumpsuits, each with an interesting attachment on their heads; running about the stage and kicking large balloons out to the crowd; they’re one of those bands where you just can’t wait to see them in a packed out venue and go fucking crazy.

So So Modern - The Love Code
Transgressive Store


Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Lillica Libertine vs. Late of the Pier

Touted as the best young producer in the UK, Lillica Libertine (aka 19 year old Laurence Matthew Blake) has been part of the Nottingham scene for some time. Sharing the decks with the likes of Justice, Erol Alkan and Sinden, he's had the perfect opportunity to learn from some of the best in the world.

Gaining rave reviews from such respected blogs as Missingtoof and Trash Menagerie, he is set to release his first EP on London duo Tapedeck's label Meal Deal Records in March. Featuring tracks Limited Edition and personal favourite Ultra 10, the release date had to be pushed back from next month due to demand.

Having founded Fresh Out Of Death, the now legendary Nottingham club night, he has now decamped to Southampton to study at university. However he is still producing and playing sets all over the world, with a date in the US as well as a mini-tour of Australia in the pipeline.

Here's an unreleased remix he did of current indie/electro/insert genre here-kid favourite Bathroom Gurgle, for good friends, blog favourites and fellow Nottinghamshire dwellers, Late of the Pier.

Some of you may have heard it doing the rounds in the clubs, with love from Erol, Luca from Cazals and D.I.M.


Late of the Pier - Bathroom Gurgle (Lillica Libertine Remix)

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Sweden Saves Music?!

Sweden is one of the most prolific yet overlooked countries in the world when it comes to music, modestly producing some of the best bands around with the likes of The Hives, The Knife, The Sounds, I'm From Barcelona, Taken By Trees, Love Is All, Lo-Fi-Fnk, Shout Out Louds, Mando Diao, Peter Bjorn and John, and The Concretes leading the way in recent years. Here are some that have slipped through the net for most... until now.

pic by Mjukstart

Stockholm songstress Firefox AK otherwise known as Andrea Kellerman is a former member of UK trip-hop collective Anamorphic, she decided to go it alone in 2005 released her debut EP through her own label, having since signed to Razzia Records and released debut album Madame, Madame in 2006.

The follow-up to which, If I Were A Melody is due for Swedish release in February, with no details of an international release just
yet. Winter Rose is the first single to be released. Featuring fellow Swedes and husband Rasmus' band TGR LOU, and also mixed by Matt Didemus of Junior Boys, it a beautifully crafted blend of soulful vocals with delicate synths and Bonde Do Role-esque beats.

After performing alone with nothing but her voice and an iPod in the earliest stages of Firefox AK, she is now joined by Ulrica Brunner (synthesizers), and Andreas Hogby (bass guitar) when performing live, she has toured with previously mentioned TGR LOU and Junior Boys, with more dates soon to be announced.

Firefox AK - White Rose (Assid Remix)
Firefox AK on Razzia Download Store

Q: What's Swedish for Fight Club?
A: Slagsmålsklubben

Formed in 2000, Slagsmålsklubben have released three albums to date; Den svenske disco (2003), Sagan om konungens årsinkomst (2004) and last year's Boss For Leader through EMI.

Essentially a six-man, six analogue synth behemoth, Slagsmålsklubben's style comes across as being heavily influenced by Kraftwerk, and while at times sounding like Happy Hardcore on acid, they can also conjure up all sorts of weird and wonderful rhythms and breakdowns.

About to tour the UK with Late of the Pier of all people, it seems the world is slowly catching on the the wonders of Slagsmålsklubben aka SMK. I've got a sneaking suspicion that these guys are going to steal some of the limelight from their tour mates come February.

Slagsmålsklubben - Sponsored By Destiny
Slagsmålsklubben Webshop

Somewhere between Emily Haines and Emmy the Great is 32 year old Stockholm resident Marit Bergman.

With three successful albums under her belt, Marit is well known and very successful in her home nation, gaining five Swedish Grammis nominations and two awards for "Composer of the Year" and "Female Artist of the Year".

A D.I.Y. success story, the former member of Swedish punk band Candysuck released her debut album 3.00AM Serenades on her own label in 2002, before re-releasing it through Sony BMG in 2003.

She has released two albums since, Baby Dry Your Eye in 2004 and I Think It's a Rainbow in 2006. She recently played at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen in November, with no news on furter releases.

Marit Bergman - No Party (Piano Version)
Buy I Think It's a Rainbow on Amazon


Saturday, 19 January 2008


WOW have quite literally catapulted themselves to prominence: they formed in November and only two months later, they are playing at one of the biggest music festivals on the Sydney calender, Field Day.

This year, the line-up included the likes of Uffie & Feadz, Felix Da Housecat, Kissy Sellout, Spank Rock, Midnight Juggernauts, The Go! Team, Chromeo… you get the picture.

The Sydney boy/girl duo consisting of Matt Cribb and Bree Carter, formed out of their apparent inability to play any musical instruments properly and too much time messing around on drum machines and cheap keyboards.

The end product however is brilliant: disco-punk, with an element of pop to it, completing the paradoxical pair. Each song maintains it’s own individuality throughout, a rarity in modern times in which songs just seem to amalgamate into one general ‘sound’. If you were to throw The Lost Valentinos, Crystal Castles and Gang of Four into a blender, you’d end up with a WOW smoothie.

Their live performances are something special too. I went down to watch WOW strut their stuff on Friday night and I was blown away. The tempo seemed slightly increased in an otherwise beat-for-beat replication of what I’d heard from their mp3s, but it only added to the hip-shaking, toe-tapping atmosphere they strived to create.

With much thanks to the band, they've supplied us with two demo tracks, which will be re-recorded for their forthcoming debut Common Species EP which will be released in February through US label Metal Postcard. These guys are something to watch. Australia will be theirs this year, the world next year? I predict big things for these guys.

WOW - Common Species
WOW - When You're Dead


Murders Not Presspackers

Something of a hidden gem, Tom Rosenthal is a prolific and charming song writer. I've been a fan ever since I accepted his friend request on myspace around 6 months ago and he keeps getting better and better.

With no releases to speak of, this Londoner studying in Durham has a ridiculously large catalogue of well written, imaginative and hopelessly sour songs performed exclusively on the piano.

His music reflects a great and often bitter sense of humour. With song titles such as "Lizo From Newsround", "Tesco Is Evil" and "Jeremy Kyle", it's apparent that he isn't one to keep his opinions to himself.

However, the reason I pressed "accept" rather than "deny" was the first song that I heard, the wonderfully enchanting "The Giant Bicycle". Here, Tom takes us on a journey deep into his mind, with such delights as a young giraffe standing on the top of Prince Philip's head, Max from Neighbours -"you know, the one that went a bit mental", and an advert for Specsavers.

Other highlights of his include a haunting and at points, awkward rendition of Cyndi Lauper classic "Girls Just Want To Have Fun", and a scathing attack on the relevance of Jamie T and other contemporary musicians in "Touch My Bum".

With an unorthodox and at times, just plain odd vocal style and approach to song writing, his songs are a refreshing alternative to the sort of Adele/Duffy/Nash drivel that's so popular at the moment.

Tom Rosenthal - The Giant Bicycle
Tom Rosenthal - Touch My Bum
Tom Rosenthal - Lizo From Newsround


Wednesday, 16 January 2008

You Say You Want Revolution...

One of the most interesting bands I've come across in a while are New York entrepreneurial duo HeartsRevolution.

Ben (male) and Lo (female) are soon to release their Switchblade EP in the UK on artist Kate Moross' project Isomorphs in April, the band will also be playing a few yet to be confirmed dates this side of the pond.

As well as the new EP, there's also a remix compilation for their debut single C.Y.O.A. (Choose Your Own Adventure) coming soon, including reworks from the likes of Brondinski, Lazaro Casanonva and Lauren Flax.

Seemingly not content with a sold out split EP with Crystal Castles and a sold out debut single, they are also a brand - HeartsChallenger.

Something of a revelation, HeartsChallenger consists of two ice-cream trucks full of limited edition and novelty items. Pulling up outside exhibitions, fashion shows and events selling goodies ranging from sweets to artwork, it really brings a whole new dimension to the D.I.Y. ideal.

I've no doubt that come April, HeartsRevolution are going to take over, and it will be glorious.

HeartsRevolution Myspace
HeartsChallenger Myspace
HeartsRevolution feat. Cory Kennedy - Prism Effect


Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Cobrastyle Between The Sheets

With the imminent arrival of Steve Aoki’s mix album Pillowface and his Airplane Chronicles fast approaching (it’s only a matter of weeks), Steve has teamed up with imeeb.com to allow listeners a sneak listen of his album in its entirety…

I’m not sure why. It’s awful. While the song choice remains solid - MSTRKRFT, Justice, KIM, Goose and Does it Offend You Yeah?, however the mixing on this album really highlights what the word in the schoolyard is: Steve Aoki can not mix.

Admittedly, he puts on one hell of a show when performing live. So much so that I was forced to see him twice when in Sydney (I’ve never seen anyone drop Waters of Nazareth to such a rapture before).

Performer he is, mixer he is not… but he may have attached another bow to his string. Teaming up with Junkie XL, he has produced one banging track, which seems to reciprocate the energy Steve portrays on stage.

Steve Aoki & Junkie XL – 1967


Monday, 14 January 2008

Bands We Like Now That People Will Like Soon Part 7

Kotki Dwa
When you first listen to this threesome from Milton Keynes, (well, they’re split equally in three ways across England due to educational commitments but Milton Keynes will do) it's essential that you pay close attention to details.

They manage to exude a sense of fun and child-like excitement with an interesting layering of noises and instrumentation, catching and taking the listener on some sort of 'Playdays' adventure.

Glitches, samples and space-age noises are strewn throughout their ridiculously catchy hooks and ditties, culminating in a sort of organised mess - the good kind.

Kotki Dwa - Pad

Elle S’appelle

Having built up a solid local fan base and having achieved one of the singles of last year with debut effort "Little Flame" on Moshi Moshi, this Liverpudlian trio are about to embark on a 26-date tour from 17Th Jan - 24Th Feb.

Experimenting with A Capella, call and return, choral harmonies and the odd shout-out-loud, Elle S’appelle are just on the right side of ‘originality’ to make it big in 2008.

Elle S'appelle - Mariappa

Thomas Tantrum
There’s no amount of gushing I could do that could define and do this four-piece from the South coast justice. They just work.

With an overtly distinct voice, lead singer Megan Thomas expresses her thoughts out loud through banter between herself and guitarist Dave, a constant feature of their sound.

It’s not an unfriendly disagreement mind you, it’s just like listening to a couple of friends reflecting on such things as fashion and general frustrations - all the while playing good, poppy guitar music alongside.

Thomas Tantrum - Why The English Are Rubbish
Thomas Tantrum on Puregroove


Sunday, 13 January 2008

Bands We Like Now That People Will Like Soon Part 6

The Indelicates

With song titles such as 'We Hate The Kids', 'Waiting For Pete Doherty To Die', and 'Last Significant Statement To Be Made In Rock & Roll', The Indelicates tread a thin line between reluctant humour, relevance, and utter nihilism.

All about disenchantment and a dark comedy that is reminiscent of vintage Pulp, lead singer Simon's nonchalant quips of "we've never had it so good, life is sweet!", pretty much pins the whole lovable mess down. Its ramshackle British indie, and its great fun.

With debut album "American Demo" out in March, preceded by some shamelessly underrated singles on Weekender and Sad Gnome Records, this might just be the year The Indelicates break through to some kind of national consciousness.

The Indelicates - New Art For The People

Lykke Li
Swedish bubblegum pop produced by Bjorn Yttling of Peter, Bjorn and John, with a style somewhere in the dreamy middle-ground between Sia and Annie.

Refusing to pull any punches, with lyrical content in the floaty declaration of love "Little Bit", particularly explicit. However, here's something fantastic about hearing Lykke playfully whisper "and for you I keep my legs apart, and forget about my tainted heart; eye to eye, thigh to thigh, I let go."

Debut album Youth Novels is out in Sweden this month and the rest of the world soon to follow, this stuff is breaking through that winter fog like a ray of shiny pop sunshine.

Lykke Li - Little Bit
Lykke Li on iTunes

Laura Groves

Hailing from Bradford, not a city defined by its love of glamour and endless charm, Laura Groves is a wonderful surprise. With a voice that has genuine twinges of Joanna Newsom.

Playing a variety of instruments, including a gorgeously cascading piano on 'Imaginary Fights', she is practically unavoidable as a bright star in the northern indie/folk scene.

With a 7" just sold out on Salvia Records, as well as support slots for Jeremy Warmsley, Final Fantasy and James Yorkston under her belt, '08 should prove to be a breakthrough year for Laura.

Laura Groves - Bridges


Thursday, 10 January 2008

Bands We Like Now That People Will Like Soon Part 5

With killer hooks that infiltrate the mind and make any self respecting music fan want to dance, this punk-funk four-piece from Norwich provoke passion and generate addiction to their flawless and seriously likeable sound.

Having just ended a UK tour with Dizzee Rascal, and about to embark on their own nationwide headline tour, Pistolas are a breath of fresh air and definitely one to watch in 2008.

Pistolas - Take It With A Kiss

Ipso Facto

Fuse together Kate Jackson and Siouxsie Sioux, and you get Rosalie Cunningham, lead singer of Ipso Facto, another band bringing back the psychedelic, dirty 60s.

This melancholy sound is taught with conviction, and it’s clear that Ipso Facto are introducing Gothic class to this musical assault on the senses.

Joining Friendly Fires and Black Kids on the Vice Live tour as well as performing in Artrockers week of bands in February, Ipso Facto will soon be a force to be reckoned with. Don’t let this all girl 4-piece fool you, they mean business.

Ipso Facto - Puppet Fingers

Wild Beasts

As a band that describe themselves as, “farm pop” it’s difficult to see the appeal of Wild beasts to the modern day scenester.

Opinion still seems to remain divided, but having signed to Domino, current single Assembly gaining relatively decent acclaim, and support slots for CSS and The Mystery Jets, it should be a good year for the Leeds four-piece.

This is truly an original sound scented with old fashioned charm, and Hayden’s vocal range is something to marvel at in itself. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why you fall in love with Wild Beasts, you just do.

Wild Beasts - Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants
Wild Beasts on iTunes


Bands We Like Now That People Will Like Soon Part 4

French electronic artist Danger, effortlessly straddles the middle ground between Kavinsky's 80s action film soundscapes and SebastiAn's relentless club bangers with his cut-up style electro beats, catchy hooks and staying power.

The 23 year old, who represents himself as a cartoon action hero has been making music for 7 years, and is starting to have an impact both online and in the clubs. Signed to Ekleroshock, his recently released debut EP, 09/14 2007 featured an extra-crunchy DatA remix of current dance floor weapon, 11h30. 2008 should be an interesting year for this innovative musician.

Danger - 11h30
Danger on iTunes


UK garage/hip-hop obsessed London DJs/remixers/producers extraordinaires Tapedeck have built their reputation on their eclectic DJ sets, which pay no attention to genre with mash-up electro, rock, indie and urban styles along side each other.

Serial remixers, Tapedeck have produces some belters for indie favourites such as Mystery Jets, Kate Nash, Goodbooks and Klaxons.

2008 sees them releasing the first material from their own label - Meal Deal Records, including debut single Destiny in February, as well as our good friend Lillica Libertine's debut EP next week.

Tapedeck - Falcon

Vampire Weekend
American indie-pop misfits Vampire Weekend have already attracted a storm of critical acclaim with their fusion of British pop and Afro-beat sounds, with both Q Magazine and the BBC naming them as an act to look out for in 2008.

With a huge following aided by the circulation of their Blue CD-R on the Internet, tales of an energetic live show and a well-received self-titled 3 track EP, all that remains to see is if they’ll live up to their hype in 2008.

Vampire Weekend - A-Punk
Pre-order debut self-titled LP on Amazon


Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Bands We Like Now That People Will Like Soon Part 3

Friendly Fires

These lads have been bubbling away under the surface for quite some time now. Their live performances are brimming with energy and there’s always something electric about watching a band who can make even the most po-faced scenesters dance. They’re fun and their music is so infectious it’s almost ridiculous.

After releasing single "Paris" through 'destined for big things' obsessives Moshi Moshi, the band are sharing their wonderful brand of cowbell-tastic, synth infused, guitar pop with Black Kids and Ipso Facto on the Vice Live tour at the end of the month. I’m sure that 2008 is going to bring Friendly Fires many good things.

Friendly Fires - Bring Out Your Dead
Buy Paris on Moshi Moshi

Primary 1

Already on Erol Alkan’s label, Phantasy Sound, Primary 1 is destined for big and wonderful stuff this year. A one man machine, and a good friend of ours, he creates music you have to pull shapes to.

How does it all sound? Think 70s disco meets noughties electro, layered with funky beats and to top it off there’s that added bit of pop sparkle no great artist would be caught without.

With a new live show about to be unleashed and debut single "Hold Me Down" under his belt, there's no stopping Primary 1 in 2008.

Primary 1 - Outside (Demo)
Hold Me Down on iTunes


Although a relatively new band, and still at school, Flashguns make creating genuine pop music look and sound like the most natural thing in the world.

Influenced by the likes of The Smiths and The Maccabees, Flashguns take melodic guitars and blend them perfectly together with fast paced drums and slightly haunting vocals.

Surely in 2008 the world will clock onto their timeless formula and all negative connotations of pop music will be reversed? One can only hope.

Flashguns - Locarno


Bands We Like Now That People Will Like Soon Part 2

Munch Munch

Munch Munch are four pop multi-instrumentalists from Bristol, they create their own brand of experimental tunes with the use of keyboards, drums and various pieces of percussion. The vocals and tempo change dramatically throughout their songs without warning, creating an exciting and often disorientating vibe.

“Squirrel”, released on a compilation CD by German label Tomlab shows this perfectly. It begins with a xylophone joined by rapid carnival style drumming, before moving into a slow and haunting ambient style breakdown of organ synth and minimal beats half way through. It then reverts back to the catchy up-tempo original sound. Munch Munch are loud and fun, enough to bode them well for 2008.

Munch Munch - Wedding

Electricity In Our Homes
It was at a Neil’s Children show in Cheltenham that I first came across this band. Heavily stylised and similar in look and sound to The Horrors and up and coming Ipso Facto.

The music is post punk with heavy bass and precise drum beats with a sombre vocal from the interestingly named Thomas Childish, all in all creating quite a dark sound. Debut effort "The Shareholders Meeting EP" quickly sold out on 7” their fan base is steadily rising. Their new single is due for release in February.

Electricity In Our Homes - Are They Doing Something Nasty

Sounding like a mix up of Million Dead and Coheed and Cambria, this exciting post hardcore band already have one EP under their belt with another single soon to follow in March.

The the vocals are a little on the high pitched side and have a really unique, piercing style, backed against pulsating basslines and frantic guitar, making for an amazing sound. “The Death Of A Digital Alarm Clock” demands a listen, the song bursts into life from the very first second as the vocalist starts the song by shouting the title before the first chord even enters.

Tubelord are currently playing various dates around the south of England with Blackfish and Meet Me In St. Louis. This is a band that definitely deserves more attention for 2008.

Tubelord - Propeller


Sunday, 6 January 2008

Bands We Like Now That People Will Like Soon Part 1

We thought we'd start our adventure into the online blogging world by being completely unique and do something that no one has done ever before... anywhere.

Here's our tips for glory for this year...

Finally, an answer to the question that a lot of people have been asking - Who is better, Vampire Weekend or Yeasayer? The answer is MGMT, and it's not even close.

A band that have so far, seemingly slipped through the net of ridiculous hype concerning the recent influx of Brooklyn talent to hit these shores.

Debut album Oracular Spectacular is a wonderful blend of Jagger-esque vocals paired with dreamlike compositions reminiscent of Bowie in the Stardust era. With production from Dave Fridmann, the man behind most of The Flaming Lips' albums, it's a match and a record made in heaven.

MGMT - Weekend Wars

Damn Shames
Edinburgh trio Damn Shames unleashed their first major single Fear Of Assault in December of last year through Abeano Recordings, with production from ex-Clor member Luke Smith.

Gaining momentum through airplay and plaudits from Artrocker, Radio 1 and a whole host of respected blogs, Damn Shames are well on their way to meeting comparisons to fellow Scotsmen Shitdisco and The Fire Engines, having been hyped as "the new sound of Scottish youth."

Known for their rapidfire, intense and robust live sets, Matthew Deary (vox, guitar) and Simon Richardson (vox, guitar) used to perform using an iPod as backing drums before finding third member, Jacob Burns.

Damn Shames - Fear Of Assault

Late of the pier
Usually, when I've followed a band since their infancy, I come to dread the kind of exposure that will be thrust upon Late of the pier in the coming months. An explosion of hype, becoming everyone's new favourite band and my mum asking me if I've heard of "them arctic monkeys...". However, this time around I don't quite feel the same.

Either I've grown up or (the most likely case) that this band will exceed all possible expectations and hype put upon them by Connor McNicholas and the NME. One plus being that, he has probably been dreading this moment as much as me, because these Nottingham genii are completely and utterly impossible to pigeon-hole.

A band that can cram elements of numerous genres into one three and a half minute onslaught of musical heaven. Having recently signed to infamous label Parlaphone, the boys lead by Sam Eastgate are about to become men with their Erol produced debut album, second single The Bears Are Coming and their mammoth UK tour in February starting at the Hertford Marquee with support from Video Nasties and SMK.

Late of the pier - Random Firl


Tuesday, 1 January 2008

2008 - A Blog Is Born

Hi, we hope to bring you the best in new music from around the world.

No bullshit, no overly wordy journalism, just giving it to you straight.

Eventually this will coincide with a full online magazine brought to you monthly via a PDF file.

If you are interested in writing for us, please get in contact.

Illegal Tender