Sunday, 13 January 2008

Bands We Like Now That People Will Like Soon Part 6

The Indelicates

With song titles such as 'We Hate The Kids', 'Waiting For Pete Doherty To Die', and 'Last Significant Statement To Be Made In Rock & Roll', The Indelicates tread a thin line between reluctant humour, relevance, and utter nihilism.

All about disenchantment and a dark comedy that is reminiscent of vintage Pulp, lead singer Simon's nonchalant quips of "we've never had it so good, life is sweet!", pretty much pins the whole lovable mess down. Its ramshackle British indie, and its great fun.

With debut album "American Demo" out in March, preceded by some shamelessly underrated singles on Weekender and Sad Gnome Records, this might just be the year The Indelicates break through to some kind of national consciousness.

The Indelicates - New Art For The People

Lykke Li
Swedish bubblegum pop produced by Bjorn Yttling of Peter, Bjorn and John, with a style somewhere in the dreamy middle-ground between Sia and Annie.

Refusing to pull any punches, with lyrical content in the floaty declaration of love "Little Bit", particularly explicit. However, here's something fantastic about hearing Lykke playfully whisper "and for you I keep my legs apart, and forget about my tainted heart; eye to eye, thigh to thigh, I let go."

Debut album Youth Novels is out in Sweden this month and the rest of the world soon to follow, this stuff is breaking through that winter fog like a ray of shiny pop sunshine.

Lykke Li - Little Bit
Lykke Li on iTunes

Laura Groves

Hailing from Bradford, not a city defined by its love of glamour and endless charm, Laura Groves is a wonderful surprise. With a voice that has genuine twinges of Joanna Newsom.

Playing a variety of instruments, including a gorgeously cascading piano on 'Imaginary Fights', she is practically unavoidable as a bright star in the northern indie/folk scene.

With a 7" just sold out on Salvia Records, as well as support slots for Jeremy Warmsley, Final Fantasy and James Yorkston under her belt, '08 should prove to be a breakthrough year for Laura.

Laura Groves - Bridges


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Liam Haynes said...

I mean, Laura Groves is Blue Roses now, and even though her debut took another year to eventually come out I still think it's up there with my records of the year.