Monday, 14 January 2008

Bands We Like Now That People Will Like Soon Part 7

Kotki Dwa
When you first listen to this threesome from Milton Keynes, (well, they’re split equally in three ways across England due to educational commitments but Milton Keynes will do) it's essential that you pay close attention to details.

They manage to exude a sense of fun and child-like excitement with an interesting layering of noises and instrumentation, catching and taking the listener on some sort of 'Playdays' adventure.

Glitches, samples and space-age noises are strewn throughout their ridiculously catchy hooks and ditties, culminating in a sort of organised mess - the good kind.

Kotki Dwa - Pad

Elle S’appelle

Having built up a solid local fan base and having achieved one of the singles of last year with debut effort "Little Flame" on Moshi Moshi, this Liverpudlian trio are about to embark on a 26-date tour from 17Th Jan - 24Th Feb.

Experimenting with A Capella, call and return, choral harmonies and the odd shout-out-loud, Elle S’appelle are just on the right side of ‘originality’ to make it big in 2008.

Elle S'appelle - Mariappa

Thomas Tantrum
There’s no amount of gushing I could do that could define and do this four-piece from the South coast justice. They just work.

With an overtly distinct voice, lead singer Megan Thomas expresses her thoughts out loud through banter between herself and guitarist Dave, a constant feature of their sound.

It’s not an unfriendly disagreement mind you, it’s just like listening to a couple of friends reflecting on such things as fashion and general frustrations - all the while playing good, poppy guitar music alongside.

Thomas Tantrum - Why The English Are Rubbish
Thomas Tantrum on Puregroove


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