Sunday, 23 May 2010

Hits The Spot: Hot Topic

Although my ongoing job hunt in London and The Great Escape in Brighton are perfectly valid reasons for a lack of posts this month, I'm still feeling a little guilty and neglectful.

To make up for this and to celebrate the ridiculously good weather that the UK is having right now, I'll share these three suitably summery remixes.


I met the beautiful Estelle of Parisian trio Showgirls at the beginning of last year, when she kindly asked The Aspirins For My Children to perform at La Fleche D'Or, so it was a pleasant suprise to discover that she's also a performer herself.

Foolin' Around is the catchy as hell first single to be taken from their creatively titled mini-album Mini, released on Bertrand Burgalat's label Tricatel (which you can purchase from 7digital here) and given the disco-lite treatment by Hypnolove.

Showgirls - Foolin' Around (Hypnolove Remix) (YSI)


The Royal Palms have emerged from a sun-drenched, Miami Vice style Land That Mullets Forgot world of their own in recent weeks. A move that has been met with unrelenting support from Popjustice amongst others, though one that I'm admittedly yet to make my mind up on.

But one thing is for sure, they certainly know where and how to add some of that Don Johnson flavour to spice up even the most addictive of tracks. Case in point being their remix of Eliza Doolittle's Pack Up.

Eliza Doolittle - Pack It (The Royal Palms Remix) RUN DMCA'd


Last but not least, we posted the Radiant Dragon remix of Revenge Platter and now it's time for the other side of that musical coin.

That's right, Entrepreneurs have now remixed Preseli, taken from Radiant Dragon's hotly anticipated debut album which will be self-released in October through his Cloud Factory imprint. Enjoy.

Radiant Dragon - Preseli (Entrepreneurs' Neuromancer Remix) (YSI)

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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Hits The Spot: You're Not Like Us, So Let It Go

Photo by Bijoux Altamirano

Some months ago, when our Who's Who for 2010 was but a fresh-faced feature, we played the part of proud middle-man as we introduced heir-apparent to New York's post-punk throne Prince Terrence and his Hussle Club, currently ruling hard over the city's underground court.

Those quick-on-the-click will have no doubt delighted in downloading Loose Tights - which we offered as a highly limited em pee free - and reveled in it's sublime 70's disco groove and dark 80's melodrama. Good news then for you slow pokes, 'cos this king-killing track is back and ready for you to get heavy with below. And for those already in the know; get re-acquainted.

'Let them eat cowbell', and other assorted (wholly inaccurate) historical quotes.

Hussle Club - Loose Tights (YSI)

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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Hits The Spot: The Stars Are Not Real

I have no doubt that Entrepreneurs are one of the best new remixers on the block (as well as one of our WW2010 tips), but this time roles have been flip-reversed in that it's our beloved Radiant Dragon adding his own ethereal flare to the mix.

In its original form, Revenge Platter is a call to arms; a revolt against modern suburbia and all the oppression and suppression that comes with it.

That is, until RD relocates the setting to an interplanetary industrial hub of production-lines and machinery that's manned by enslaved spirits, whilst simultaneously exchanging Adam's angsty snarling vocal with their ghoulish pleas for release.

And just as if it were written in the stars, debut single Hunting Roger Rabbit is set to be released in late June through Jehan of Shattered Satellite's imprint Stella Mortos, followed by the hotly anticipated debut EP soon after.

Entrepreneurs - Revenge Platter (Radiant Dragon Remix) (YSI)

You can listen to the ghetto-fabulous original via Soundcloud here.

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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Gig: Not Who, But What

We aren't currently 100% sure that our presence will be made or felt at this year's The Great Escape but we are 98% sure we'll be going to this if we make it:

Not only does it feature some phenomenally great bands and SPR-SW33T DJ sets but it's being put on by some of our genuine BFF's. Plus, there's a chance that we'll be there.

So if you're headed to Brighton in a couple of weeks time, you know what to do. Come say Hi, Honey... or something.

P.S. Check them out on Facebook (here), Tumblr (here) and Twitter (here) for more information and future Hi, Honey events.

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