Tuesday, 19 January 2010

2010 Who's Who: Hussle Club

I've been chomping at the proverbial blog bit to sing the praises of my third
One to Watch since first discovering him back in November, so with light now glowing green-for-go I'll waste no more time in introducing you to the right royal Prince Terrence of New York, a.k.a Hussle Club

Already known to many as drummer for the likes of Santigold, Spank Rock
and the fully Illegal Tender-endorsed HEARTSREVOLUTION, Hussle Club sees Prince Terrence take a trip down the post-punk path and away from the Island club sounds of his previous bands, into darker disco territory - it's a stone cold, carved-from-Gotham-granite sound; one minute handclaps and cowbells, the next 80's-influenced electronics, pinned together by Prince Terrence's percussion and vocals.

Lead single I Have High Expectations of What I want To Be But In The Mirror I Don't See Them Staring Back At Me can be got below and as part of an excellent remix package via the peer-less peeps over at RCRDLBL.

The King is dead, long live the Prince...

Hussle Club - I Have High Expectations... (YSI)

Hussle Club - Loose Tights (limited download)

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