Thursday, 14 January 2010

2010 Who's Who: Age of Consent

I'm retreating from the shiny-bright light of the last couple of bands for the next of our 'Who's Who''s, stepping instead into the darker recesses of this thing called pop with London's newest purveyors of dystopian heartache, Age of Consent.

Comprising the talents of two former Shitdisco-ers Joe Reeves & Darren Cullen, Age of Consent sees the duo emerge from the chaos of Shitdisco's frantic party tunes and into the arena of Heaven 17 and Depeche Mode's slow & ominously atmospheric dance - influences that may concern lovers of the two's previous band were it not for the undeniable strength of classic songwriting evident in tracks such as The Beach.

Reeves and Cullen enlisted the untouchable talents of Luke Smith on production duties for these early demos, and together with the former Clor genius have crafted a sound a little bit intense and a little bit massive; all brooding beats and crunching synths, it's raw and affecting electronica.

Check Heartbreak below, still so new it's yet to be mixed or mastered: even so, you'd have to be a few short of a full set not to be getting excited...

Age of Consent - Heartbreak (Demo) (YSI)

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