Thursday, 6 May 2010

Hits The Spot: The Stars Are Not Real

I have no doubt that Entrepreneurs are one of the best new remixers on the block (as well as one of our WW2010 tips), but this time roles have been flip-reversed in that it's our beloved Radiant Dragon adding his own ethereal flare to the mix.

In its original form, Revenge Platter is a call to arms; a revolt against modern suburbia and all the oppression and suppression that comes with it.

That is, until RD relocates the setting to an interplanetary industrial hub of production-lines and machinery that's manned by enslaved spirits, whilst simultaneously exchanging Adam's angsty snarling vocal with their ghoulish pleas for release.

And just as if it were written in the stars, debut single Hunting Roger Rabbit is set to be released in late June through Jehan of Shattered Satellite's imprint Stella Mortos, followed by the hotly anticipated debut EP soon after.

Entrepreneurs - Revenge Platter (Radiant Dragon Remix) (YSI)

You can listen to the ghetto-fabulous original via Soundcloud here.

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