Sunday, 9 May 2010

Hits The Spot: You're Not Like Us, So Let It Go

Photo by Bijoux Altamirano

Some months ago, when our Who's Who for 2010 was but a fresh-faced feature, we played the part of proud middle-man as we introduced heir-apparent to New York's post-punk throne Prince Terrence and his Hussle Club, currently ruling hard over the city's underground court.

Those quick-on-the-click will have no doubt delighted in downloading Loose Tights - which we offered as a highly limited em pee free - and reveled in it's sublime 70's disco groove and dark 80's melodrama. Good news then for you slow pokes, 'cos this king-killing track is back and ready for you to get heavy with below. And for those already in the know; get re-acquainted.

'Let them eat cowbell', and other assorted (wholly inaccurate) historical quotes.

Hussle Club - Loose Tights (YSI)

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