Sunday, 6 January 2008

Bands We Like Now That People Will Like Soon Part 1

We thought we'd start our adventure into the online blogging world by being completely unique and do something that no one has done ever before... anywhere.

Here's our tips for glory for this year...

Finally, an answer to the question that a lot of people have been asking - Who is better, Vampire Weekend or Yeasayer? The answer is MGMT, and it's not even close.

A band that have so far, seemingly slipped through the net of ridiculous hype concerning the recent influx of Brooklyn talent to hit these shores.

Debut album Oracular Spectacular is a wonderful blend of Jagger-esque vocals paired with dreamlike compositions reminiscent of Bowie in the Stardust era. With production from Dave Fridmann, the man behind most of The Flaming Lips' albums, it's a match and a record made in heaven.

MGMT - Weekend Wars

Damn Shames
Edinburgh trio Damn Shames unleashed their first major single Fear Of Assault in December of last year through Abeano Recordings, with production from ex-Clor member Luke Smith.

Gaining momentum through airplay and plaudits from Artrocker, Radio 1 and a whole host of respected blogs, Damn Shames are well on their way to meeting comparisons to fellow Scotsmen Shitdisco and The Fire Engines, having been hyped as "the new sound of Scottish youth."

Known for their rapidfire, intense and robust live sets, Matthew Deary (vox, guitar) and Simon Richardson (vox, guitar) used to perform using an iPod as backing drums before finding third member, Jacob Burns.

Damn Shames - Fear Of Assault

Late of the pier
Usually, when I've followed a band since their infancy, I come to dread the kind of exposure that will be thrust upon Late of the pier in the coming months. An explosion of hype, becoming everyone's new favourite band and my mum asking me if I've heard of "them arctic monkeys...". However, this time around I don't quite feel the same.

Either I've grown up or (the most likely case) that this band will exceed all possible expectations and hype put upon them by Connor McNicholas and the NME. One plus being that, he has probably been dreading this moment as much as me, because these Nottingham genii are completely and utterly impossible to pigeon-hole.

A band that can cram elements of numerous genres into one three and a half minute onslaught of musical heaven. Having recently signed to infamous label Parlaphone, the boys lead by Sam Eastgate are about to become men with their Erol produced debut album, second single The Bears Are Coming and their mammoth UK tour in February starting at the Hertford Marquee with support from Video Nasties and SMK.

Late of the pier - Random Firl


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