Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Bands We Like Now That People Will Like Soon Part 2

Munch Munch

Munch Munch are four pop multi-instrumentalists from Bristol, they create their own brand of experimental tunes with the use of keyboards, drums and various pieces of percussion. The vocals and tempo change dramatically throughout their songs without warning, creating an exciting and often disorientating vibe.

“Squirrel”, released on a compilation CD by German label Tomlab shows this perfectly. It begins with a xylophone joined by rapid carnival style drumming, before moving into a slow and haunting ambient style breakdown of organ synth and minimal beats half way through. It then reverts back to the catchy up-tempo original sound. Munch Munch are loud and fun, enough to bode them well for 2008.

Munch Munch - Wedding

Electricity In Our Homes
It was at a Neil’s Children show in Cheltenham that I first came across this band. Heavily stylised and similar in look and sound to The Horrors and up and coming Ipso Facto.

The music is post punk with heavy bass and precise drum beats with a sombre vocal from the interestingly named Thomas Childish, all in all creating quite a dark sound. Debut effort "The Shareholders Meeting EP" quickly sold out on 7” their fan base is steadily rising. Their new single is due for release in February.

Electricity In Our Homes - Are They Doing Something Nasty

Sounding like a mix up of Million Dead and Coheed and Cambria, this exciting post hardcore band already have one EP under their belt with another single soon to follow in March.

The the vocals are a little on the high pitched side and have a really unique, piercing style, backed against pulsating basslines and frantic guitar, making for an amazing sound. “The Death Of A Digital Alarm Clock” demands a listen, the song bursts into life from the very first second as the vocalist starts the song by shouting the title before the first chord even enters.

Tubelord are currently playing various dates around the south of England with Blackfish and Meet Me In St. Louis. This is a band that definitely deserves more attention for 2008.

Tubelord - Propeller


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