Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Bands We Like Now That People Will Like Soon Part 3

Friendly Fires

These lads have been bubbling away under the surface for quite some time now. Their live performances are brimming with energy and there’s always something electric about watching a band who can make even the most po-faced scenesters dance. They’re fun and their music is so infectious it’s almost ridiculous.

After releasing single "Paris" through 'destined for big things' obsessives Moshi Moshi, the band are sharing their wonderful brand of cowbell-tastic, synth infused, guitar pop with Black Kids and Ipso Facto on the Vice Live tour at the end of the month. I’m sure that 2008 is going to bring Friendly Fires many good things.

Friendly Fires - Bring Out Your Dead
Buy Paris on Moshi Moshi

Primary 1

Already on Erol Alkan’s label, Phantasy Sound, Primary 1 is destined for big and wonderful stuff this year. A one man machine, and a good friend of ours, he creates music you have to pull shapes to.

How does it all sound? Think 70s disco meets noughties electro, layered with funky beats and to top it off there’s that added bit of pop sparkle no great artist would be caught without.

With a new live show about to be unleashed and debut single "Hold Me Down" under his belt, there's no stopping Primary 1 in 2008.

Primary 1 - Outside (Demo)
Hold Me Down on iTunes


Although a relatively new band, and still at school, Flashguns make creating genuine pop music look and sound like the most natural thing in the world.

Influenced by the likes of The Smiths and The Maccabees, Flashguns take melodic guitars and blend them perfectly together with fast paced drums and slightly haunting vocals.

Surely in 2008 the world will clock onto their timeless formula and all negative connotations of pop music will be reversed? One can only hope.

Flashguns - Locarno


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