Wednesday, 23 January 2008

The Reciprocal Acts Of Seeing And Being Seen

I’m not sure whether this four-piece from New Zealand want emphasis on how modern they are or that they’re just averagely modern. Regardless, they put out a ‘fucking good tune’ and they are So So Modern.

Having released the Friends and Fires series on four limited edition multi-coloured 7"s on Transgressive, and the 7-track EP Friendly Fires, they only recently finished a massive 70-date European tour which started in September of last year.

A complete hash of sweat, noise and energy, think Shy Child partying with Blood Brothers, and more charisma than you can shake a stick at. Juxtaposing fast-paced electro with just bashing the hell out of their instruments - they promise to create ‘a more fun and meaningful future through performance and music’.

Having had the good fortune to see them perform at the Solent Union bar in Southampton (unfortunately, at a night named ‘Rave in a Cave’) - they lived up to everything I’d anticipated.

Colourful matching jumpsuits, each with an interesting attachment on their heads; running about the stage and kicking large balloons out to the crowd; they’re one of those bands where you just can’t wait to see them in a packed out venue and go fucking crazy.

So So Modern - The Love Code
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2 Voicemails:

Laurencematthew said...

I was there and they were pretty good, if a little tried and the whole white hood thing? soz gravity's rainbow babies.

Lea said...

more likely to be the offspring of Datarock than Klaxons ;)