Wednesday, 16 January 2008

You Say You Want Revolution...

One of the most interesting bands I've come across in a while are New York entrepreneurial duo HeartsRevolution.

Ben (male) and Lo (female) are soon to release their Switchblade EP in the UK on artist Kate Moross' project Isomorphs in April, the band will also be playing a few yet to be confirmed dates this side of the pond.

As well as the new EP, there's also a remix compilation for their debut single C.Y.O.A. (Choose Your Own Adventure) coming soon, including reworks from the likes of Brondinski, Lazaro Casanonva and Lauren Flax.

Seemingly not content with a sold out split EP with Crystal Castles and a sold out debut single, they are also a brand - HeartsChallenger.

Something of a revelation, HeartsChallenger consists of two ice-cream trucks full of limited edition and novelty items. Pulling up outside exhibitions, fashion shows and events selling goodies ranging from sweets to artwork, it really brings a whole new dimension to the D.I.Y. ideal.

I've no doubt that come April, HeartsRevolution are going to take over, and it will be glorious.

HeartsRevolution Myspace
HeartsChallenger Myspace
HeartsRevolution feat. Cory Kennedy - Prism Effect


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