Monday, 28 January 2008


Admittedly, I was tipped off on the wonders of Edward Ma, aka edIT from another contributor to the blog, Harry. However I decided I'm going to abuse my rights as editor and steal his thunder.

edIT is a journalistic nightmare, his productions adopt many varied and strange styles but somehow manages to pull them off in a cohesive blend of Hip-Hop, IDM, Glitch-House, and Cut&Paste Electro, he is part of Los Angeles based group "Glitch Mob".

Collaborating with the likes of TTC, The Grouch and Abstract Rude on sophomore album Certified Air Raid Material, the sublime follow up to 2004's Crying Over Pros for No Reason.

Having taken four years in the making, Certified Air Raid Material was worth the wait, if the romantic, slow-jam inspired debut was music for the bedroom, this is music to get down and dirty in the club to. While filled with a more aggressive attitude and grit than it's predecessor, CARM is about "...this hole idea, when there's so much war going on, we don't need an more bombs in the world period. Except for the dance floor."

If there was a definition of "living the dream", edIT wouldn't be far from the mark. As a day job, he composes music for adverts and jingles having produced work for Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and Calvin Klein according to his myspace. On weekends, he's busy "slaying" clubs all over the world.

The future is bright, the future is Glitch-Hop.

edIT - Artsy Remix feat. The Grouch
edIT on iTunes


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