Thursday, 29 April 2010

Plug: I Will Be Your Beat

Clock Opera - A Piece Of String (Promo)

It had been all too quiet on the Clock Opera front recently, far too quiet for my liking in fact, but all that changed with the unveiling of the superlatives-cannot-do-it-justice remix of Marina & The Diamonds re-release of I Am Not A Robot by our US pen pals Neon Gold on Monday (which can be found here) and released on 679 Recordings (purchase the high quality version here).

If there were any doubts left as to the level of the genius that Guy Connelly et al operate, they are about to be obliterated as Clock Opera are set to release my favourite track, the awe-inducing A Piece Of String through French label Maman Records on 7th June. Pre-order the 7' from Puregroove here.

To coincide with this, there are a number of upcoming live dates including Live At Leeds, Camden Crawl, Standon Calling and Stag And Dagger festivals, details and dates of which can be found on the Myspace.

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