Friday, 23 April 2010

Hype: Lost A Love Deep Inside

We've been enjoying a run of what can only be described as 'not-actually-that-warm-with-a-faint-chance-of-sun' weather recently, which is clearly more than enough reason to ditch the duffel coat and sensible shoes for string vest and flip-flops, right? Perhaps not.

But whatever the weather, it's always important to team any look with a couple of cheeky new pop songs, and it's at this point London's Sensual Sports step out from the sartorial shadows to lend you a fresh pair of silky-smooth briefs.

Taking their name (kind of) and their musical cue from Sexuality-era Tellier, Thomas Deakon and Vincent Ullens are new to the scene, but bonded by a love of Kitsune compilations are already producing some lovely laidback sounds all their own.

Through a combination of their generosity and our harassment, we have two early-days demos for you to sample; the light and floaty Lost Love and the bright and breezy Japanese Beach Girls. Both ready wear to Sir, natch.

(Edit: Turns out it's actually quite hot in London today, who knew?)

Sensual Sports - Lost Love (YSI)

Sensual Sports - Japanese Beach Girls (YSI)

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