Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Who's Who 2010: We Humans

And finally, four months after we began on our quest to find the ten artists we think will shape the sound of 2010 and beyond - we conclude with the inevitably ubiquitous We Humans.

Background information is pretty limited at this point in time so the music is left to do the talking, and from the tracks that I've had the privilege of hearing so far (ranging from huge melodramatic ballads to uplifting summertime jams) We Humans seem all but destined for pop stardom.

Although surfacing only a couple of weeks ago, an industry-wide scramble can't be too far away even at this early stage, then it will surely be only a matter of time before they invade and conquer the mainstream consciousness.

For now; go and get a cold one from the fridge and sit back and relax with this exclusive slice of mellow summer daze.

We Humans - I Don't Care (stream only)

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1 Voicemails:

The Bubble Boy said...

I'm getting a nice Stone Roses vibe from these guys. Poppier though. They're great.