Friday, 20 June 2008

She Thinks She's Better Than Me

With more attitude than Cobrasnake/Cory Kennedy and Feadz/Uffie (pre-break-up) combined, SLUTTT are about to make the world stand up with their forthcoming debut EP.

First surfacing with their remix of The Teenagers' downright whore of track Fuck Nicole in 2006, unashamedly turning it into some girl that seduces you in a club, only for you to discover that she wants a menage-a-trois with the 6'5 and 18st bouncer; nothing much was known about them at all.

All that changed when the duo were recently revealed on IHEARTCOMIX as US producer/DJ Redfoxx (behind the music) and a young femme fetale called Molly (vocals). In celebration of the soon to be released Stop Copying Me EP, here's their take on teenage fashion plagiarism, having been shown the remix treatment by Canadian hipsters Jokers Of The Scene.

SLUTTT - Stop Copying Me (Jokers Of The Scene Remix)
SLUTTT Myspace