Monday, 9 June 2008

Sounds Like: Proper Fuck

So, as usual, I stumble around the internet and come across some music that I really like and think "I'll blog that!", only to discover I've been beaten to it by everyone and their mother. I guess I should read other people's blogs more...

SymbolOne are two DJs/Producers from Croatia, although their myspace would have you think otherwise. Look a little deeper and you'll find Vinko and Ed, two producers out of the Kavinsky/Danger mould.

With an EP coming out sometime in August with remixes from Moulinex and Passions, love from Daft Punk and Kavinsky himself, to featuring on Justice's rejected FabricLive mix, things are going to kick off on an international level, and soon.

SymbolOne - Everything Louder Then Everything Else
SymbolOne - Love Juice
SymbolOne Myspace


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