Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Less Than Three

Well... where to start?!

A certain Glaswegian 20 year old by the name of Joe Rodger has me pretty much stumped, a music journalist's nightmare/wet dream, he is simply impossible to pin down.

While listening to his songs, I feel like I'm being taken on a journey through some twisted children's fairytale, where things just aren't how they should be and nothings for certain. I like it, a lot.

Full of pulsating bass lines and sharp twists in both time signature and musical theme, he treads the insane/genius line with consummate ease.

With debut single Can We Go Yet, Mummy? set for limited release on LiveIn Records sometime in August and a spot on Scotland's T In The Park bill in just over month and a weeks time, things are looking good.

Joe Rodger And The Velcro Quartet - Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
Joe Rodger And The Velcro Quartet - The Lovesong Of Little Cosmo Nostradamus
Joe Rodger And The Velcro Quartet - Karaoki! Karaoh-No!

And this song gets it's own little blurb because, although it's a little different from his usual sound, it's genuinely one of the best written songs I've ever heard. For geeks and Internet fanboys/fangirls all over the world; here it is...

Joe Rodger And The Velcro Quartet - Suddenly They Realized They Were Compatible

Joe Rodger & The Velcro Quartet Myspace


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