Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Hype: It Was Only A Dream

Has there been a more divisive band in recent times than The Drums? I don't know. I'm not even sure I care. Oh no, hang on...'Probably', and, 'I don't'... I do know that, while they write a mean tune, they are perhaps a little too arch for my palette, which may account for French Films tasting a little sweeter on my tongue.

What we have here is five friends hailing from the well known surf-mecca of Finland, knocking out weird electronic surf-pop with a heavingly heavy Joy Division influence, but who manage to remain on the right side of all things FUN.

We've been waiting for the finished mix of first single Golden Sea - taken from their forthcoming EP - since January, so I'm gonna stop waffling and let you get amongst it.

p.s. Look out for their track Cathedral - sounds a bit like LoTP covering the aforementioned Aussiemericans. In another word: BANGORZ.

French Films - Golden Sea (YSI)

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1 Voicemails:

Phil said...

Brilliant. Yeah - it's sort of more on the Wild Nothing side of The Drums, and hence very very good. Still, I'd put some actual real money on every blog post written about these boys containing the words, "The Drums".