Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Exclusive: Worship Ginuwine Idols

Dear People,

Last week we shared Get People's mind-bending, genre-blending debut Deity alongside some suitably acidic visuals; this week we're going one better, sacrificing our own selfishness and offering it up as an em pee free for your precious ears.

It's got that whole woozy vocal thing going on, which I like to think of as the heady scent of a lemon slice that sits aside the edge of a summer juice-filled glass... With the bongo beats supplying the juice and the synths bringing the fizz. Or something.

It's really hot.

The Get Peoples are DJ'ing at various nights about London Town over the next few weeks so run come join the celebration.


E N Joi.

Get People - Deity (YSI) EXCLUSIVE

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