Monday, 28 June 2010

Hits The Spot: Born Again

It's easy to pigeonhole bands, particularly early on in their career, and it doesn't get much earlier than the previously praised Slow Motion Shoes who arrived with the melancholic synth-pop of debut track Brendan Fraser.

Those that may have been foolish enough to think that they were a one trick synth-pony can now eat their words as their latest (and only their second fully recorded song) The Quiet American is a punchier, more guitar derived effort with an absolute killer breakdown, showing that there's a hell of a lot still to come. I can't wait.

Slow Motion Shoes - The Quiet American (YSI)

Also, keep an ear out for a mixtape from new Manchester based label Everybody's Stalking, which will feature an as yet unheard SMS track and is set for release some time in mid-July.

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