Tuesday, 1 July 2008

I Keep My Socks On When I Get My Rocks Off

It's no secret to regular readers of this blog that I'm a sucker for a tune that sounds like it could easily be from some seedy 80's roller disco or from the outer realms of space, this time it's from two US students who go by the inspired name... Roy G and the BIV.

Texans Max Townsley and Drew Erickson are the multi-instrumentalists behind the music, which reminds me slightly of Chromeo, except actually good.

I'm a big fan of artists who are unafraid to embrace a genuine pop feel (if done effectively and without coming out the other end sounding like Alphabeat), and Roy G and the BIV have nailed it.

Plans are in place for an album release sometime in August, however you'll have to wait at least a year for any kind of live show as the pair are currently concentrating on finishing college.

Check them out, especially the track Socks On/Rocks Off on their Myspace.

Roy G and the BIV - Nicotine
Roy G and the BIV Myspace

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