Monday, 25 August 2008

Zombie Teenage State

A big high-five goes to Ellie over at Over,Under,Sideways,Down for putting me on to Swiss duo Larytta.

Comprised of Guy Meldem and Christian Pahud and founded in 2004, Larytta have released 2 EP's so far and (I think) their debut album Difficult Fun is due for release this year.

Whilst their sound is mainly electro-pop, it has elements of hip hop, R&B and soul. Listening to the title track from their second EP - Ya-Ya-Ya, there's a definite carnival vibe, and the whole thing reads like it should be horrible, but the result is brilliant.

Larytta - Ya-Ya-Ya
Larytta - Zombie Teenage State
Larytta Myspace
Creaked Records

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Ellie. X said...

HAHAHA. Your welcome Howard.

Ellie. X said...

Love the new design xx