Friday, 10 October 2008

Interview: Primary 1

This post was initially deleted by the kind people at Blogger because apparently I was breaching copyright. This is bullshit as I have explicit permission to post the tracks but for fear of them deleting this blog; I will not be re-posting the mp3s. Apologies.

I know there was meant to be a bit of a blog-black-out but I caught up with Primary 1's Joe Flory earlier, here's how it went down...

IT: So, all has been quiet on the Western Front lately, what have you been up to?
P1: Well, just finishing my record really!

IT: Who's producing it?
P1: Its been me and another Joe - Joe Hirst, we've done about 90% together. Joe has engineered lots of albums, and that was really the expertise i needed to help me get everything sounding proper. I also did a song with this guy called John Hill in New York. Which turned out great so... it's gonna be good!

IT:: You've collaborated quite a lot in the past year with The Shoes and Claire Maguire amongst others, are there any new collaborations in the pipeline?
P1: I'm not sure really, whatever comes along!

Primary 1 - Hold Me Down (Live @ Durrr)

IT: Hold Me Down was one of my songs of 2007, what's the story behind it?
P1: Cheers! I made the original about 5-6 years ago, and it just hung around for ages until I finally found someone to release it. It was the first proper song I wrote, so I'm glad it got released at some point!

IT: What music are you into at the moment?
P1: I'm not listening to much at the moment, since I've been so stuck up my own music, but there's a song on Metronomy's album called 'On Dancefloors' which is my favourite song in a long time.

IT: Who's impressed you in a live context?
P1: Best live act I've ever seen are Kamerakino, I couldn't tell you why, they're just like my perfect band. I walked into a pub and they were playing, I'd never heard of them or any of their music before, but it was incredible. You just gotta see them to understand/hate them. Their records don't compare to live though.

IT: Are there any more plans for Karaoke Joe?
P1: Yeah! I'm looking into it!

IT: I know you've been having a bit of trouble with the live setup/line-up, are all those things sorted now? Any live dates coming up?
P1: Basically I wanted to get the album done and start representing the album rather than whatever I could at the time. So in the next few months I'll be back on the road!

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