Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Hype: Romantic Rights

Sometimes it's just not as simple as Boy meets Girl. What if Girl happens to be a world renowned American supermodel? What if the Boy is a Canadian multi-instrumental musician?

An inevitable marriage of passion, imagination and creativity happens, and it's called New Look.

Sarh Ruba and husband Adam Pavao have collaborated to produce an EP's worth of downbeat melody-led electronica.

It would be so easy to be deeply cynical about the entire thing without even giving them a chance, but the delicate and elegant delivery of Ruba's vocals underpinned with the high-craft of Pavao mean New Look could easily hold their own weight without the listener being made aware of their origins.

I'm not quite sure whether their debut EP is satirically named or not, but How's My Hair? is available FREE at their website.

The duo recently worked with Warp's 'jack of all trades' Jimmy Edgar on their latest track Function Of Your Love. That track, along with the Edgar remix can be found over on Dazed Digital.

New Look - Make It Over (YSI)
New Look - Everything (YSI)

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