Monday, 31 August 2009

Hype: In My Dreams I Know You'll Never Leave

London four-piece Babe Shadow are already becoming something of a force of nature.

Tom, David, Mark and Ben have been gigging like crazy in recent weeks and have dates coming up at institutions like The Flowerpot, Proud Galleries and The Lock Tavern and that's just in the first two weeks of September.

Full of warm guitars and sounding like the soundtrack to retrospective, late summer Sunday afternoons spent lazing around in the park, it's indie-folk at its best.

Jamila at Fucking Dance has already given them her seal of approval and I couldn't agree more.

Babe Shadow - Sea Serpents (YSI)

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1 Voicemails:

Anonymous said...

They remind me of the maccabees mixed with bombay bicycle club mixed with something else. lyrics amy just remind me of first love by the maccabees.