Monday, 21 December 2009

In Motion: Sunshine, All Around

Late of the Pier - Blueberry

So I'm three days late on this, which in blogging time to real world time is about a month, but I've been busy and I only need half an excuse to post something Late of the Pier related so shut up and watch it, alright?

For new single Blueberry, it sounds like Sam Eastgate holed himself up in the studio with Revolver and the Berlin Trilogy and set about creating a homage that sits midway between the two before typically climaxing in a trademark crescendo of darkness and distortion.

With Erol Alkan on production duties once again, it's also being released through his label Phantasy Sound. Only available digitally for the moment, it will soon be released on limited 12' along with B-side Best In Class in the new year.

Purchase the mp3 from Juno here.

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