Monday, 12 July 2010

Hits The Spot: Phantasmagoria

It's been a pretty unprecedented rise to notoriety for Manchester based duo D/R/U/G/S in the last four months, and although the name might have initially caught the eye of Don't Die Wondering, Vice, Fader and so on - it's the music that's been doing the talking.

The kids in boat shoes love them, the bloggers love them, the bearded plaid lot love them, the Vanity Fair types hate them, and it would be easy to dismiss them as The Emperor's New Beats, except for the fact that they are continually raising a bar all of their own.

For me, their track Love (Love/Lust Darkmix) confirmed that there's substance behind the hype, and their latest track Virginity (recently included in Pinglewood's Dollars To Pounds Fader column) only serves to hammer this home even further.

D/R/U/G/S - Virginity (br600 demo) (YSI)

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