Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Hype: Reset Myself

This month has mainly consisted of:

Being k-kinda bizzay.
Working more hours than is probably legal.
Swanning off on holiday (I'm scowling at you Tom).
Other questionable activities like trying to figure out how to put a pussy in a sarcophagus.
Listening to Jacob And The Appleblossom.

Jacob And The Appleblossom is the new project of German duo Jacob Vetter (of Wagner Love) and producer Afrit, who over the past year have amalgamated elements of pop, jazz, soul and thrown in some analogue synths to produce their as yet untitled debut album.

I've been lucky enough to have a peek behind the electronic curtain and there are some absolute gems in there. One of which is the mercurial Computertruth, which I haven't been able to stop singing for the past week and a half.

Jacob And The Appleblossom - Computertruth (YSI)

Labels, where you at? Get on it before I release it myself.

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