Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Hype: The Centre Of My World

It's a marathon, not a sprint she says.

It's a grind I think.

I don't have the puff I think.

With a last gasp I catch Abe, draw it in deep, fill my sails with it.

And the horizon burns bright her finish line.

This is beautiful I think.

Abe - Think Of More

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7 Voicemails:

Carl said...

If you squint really really hard, it's almost like you're reading DDW.

Tom said...

If you squint really really hard at Carl's posts, your eyes will eventually shut, then you can't read his SHIT.

Carl said...

So highbrow.

Tom said...

This is why I'm always 'out of town' when you're in it.

jamila obv. said...

blogocalypse now.

Carl said...

I thought that was because you were under the thumb? It might be a good time to start that new blog you were talking about. You know, the one with the boobies.


Tom said...

Fucking hell Carl, thanks for telling everyone about my Best Breasts blog idea you massive bell piece!

Still taking contributions btw.