Thursday, 17 February 2011

In Motion: Ward Off My Death

Psychologist - Comes In Waves (dir. Tali Clarke prod. Woodsy)

I don't know exactly when Psychologist's conception as artist happened. I don't know how directly involved with the birth we were back when we were young. But I know that I couldn't be happier for this circle of life to have finally come full turn and to wake up today to a sort of re-birth and new beginning for Iain Woods...

Fitting then, that he should choose similar themes to introduce us to his first official release, EP Waves of OK, dropping digitally and on etched 12" vinyl via Moshi imprint Not Even 28.03.11. Lead track Comes In Waves is another hauntingly sparse and soul-baring, chest-splitting lament, accompanied by a beautifully self-produced falsidical paradox of a video that can be seen for the first time above.

Psychologist debuts Waves of OK - backed by a 12 part choir - in it's entirety on 16.03.11 at St. Matthias Parish Church, Stoke Newington - tickets here.

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