Friday, 25 April 2008

The Crack Constellation Of Prescribed Fantasy

Re-emerging from their bleak, shadowy hideout, London five-piece White Rose Movement are back with fresh material for the first time since their criminally underrated debut Kick was released in 2006.

Here's what I can only hope will be the first of many spanking new demos; Bones.

White Rose Movement - Bones (Demo)
WRM Shop
WRM Myspace


2 Voicemails:

Too Many Sebastians said...

Eughh. I know it's only a demo.. but that was fucking awful. It was trying to sound weird on purpose. -10pts.

Hope for better...

Illegal Tender said...

I prefer the other demo on their page, it's far less testing, but I didn't want to post a half arsed teaser that cuts out without warning.