Tuesday, 22 April 2008

I Suppose, I Suppose

Nineteen year old solo artist Jonjo Feather, nurtured his own brand of retro indie pop on the streets of West Yorkshire.

The multi-talented Jonjo plays all of the instruments within his records, and is accompanied by drummer Joe Love when performing live.

Check out his excellent debut single I Suppose, showcasing his talent for writing a great indie-pop melody, with a backdrop of scuzzy guitar and strong, sharp, solid percussion, as well as an effortlessly cool Julian Casablancas-esque vocal laid over the top.

Co-inciding with his debut release, he has a string of UK shows coming up as well as a few in France, check those out on his Myspace.

Jonjo Feather - Face By Your Window
Jonjo Feather Myspace
Jonjo Feather Merch


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