Friday, 4 April 2008

Life, Sometimes You Wake Up In The Middle Of It

I recently stumbled upon the unbelievably talented Florian Lunaire through the usual means - Myspace - and really, and I mean this genuinely, hit the jackpot.

Based in London and releasing under the name F. Lunaire, his debut The Mondestrunken EP was released in February through Stiff Records. With songs that are comprised of a diverse range of instrumentals, all brought together by some fantastic piano work on his part.

When performing live, he's accompanied by members of Kid Harpoon's band The Powers That Be for whom he also plays keys.

My favourite track and current profile song is Quantum Physics In The Sink, a brilliantly poignant tale of finding yourself in strange surroundings, with nothing but the harsh realities of modern life and it's vices for comfort.

Seriously, get the damn EP and quick!

F. Lunaire - Josephine (Live)
F. Lunaire - La Lune (Live)
The Mondestrunken EP @ 7Digital


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