Sunday, 6 April 2008

Just A Couple Blocs…

I apologise for the lack of posts lately – finding an apartment in Sydney is like winning the lottery. That and Uni… you really don’t need to hear my excuses but they’re laid out for you there anyway.

The Bulgarian is about to arrive.

His bouncy baselines are deceptively upbeat, infectious and are a certainty to get the dance floor banging. Slightly dirty, you can’t help but to produce a smile and nod your head when the unique sound that is The Bulgarian comes blaring through your iPod earphones (the main method of listening to music for yours truly – train rides are a bitch).

Hailing from South Africa, the precocious talent has already toured the motherland and is one of the many who remixed Bryan Cox’s recently released hit Let’s Go To Work.

Throughout all of his songs, there is the assurance of the ‘bounce’ sound that I now come to identify as The Bulgarian.

The Bulgarian – Barnyard Dance
The Bulgarian – Lovely Bounce (Vukasin Re-edit)
The Bulgarian feat. Spoek – Jack it like a Zombie (Santiago & Bushido Remix)

Pic: LastNightsParty

And now time for a little bit of nostalgia. Somehow, this song became stuck in my head the other week, and it was just the song I was looking for to get through life's struggles at the time.

Needless to say, I hunted ferociously for the song, and eventually obtained it. So here for your listening pleasure is a song that can make you feel good in the darkest of times.

Chromeo – Me & My Man (Whitey Remix)


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