Tuesday, 8 April 2008

We'll Never Amount To Anything, But We Don't Care

With the imminent release of Elle Milano’s long long long awaited debut Acres of Dead Space Cadets on the 14Th April looming, as well as touring over April and finishing with the Great Escape and Hull Festivals, I thought now would be a great time to talk about lead singer Adam Crisp aka Kobe Winona's other projects.

The myspace gives little away about Entrepreneurs, so its not difficult to understand why I have only recently found out about them, and even then it was down to the sharing-caring side of a friend.

However, that unmistakable voice belongs to Crisp and it can only be said that this guy has talent spilling out of his ears. Also worth a mention is another project, Kobe & The Konsoles.

Due to his commitments with Elle Milano, he hasn't released new material under either moniker since June 2007. Let’s hope that once the children of the world fall in love with Elle Milano, Kobe will return his focus back to his smaller projects.

Here's two songs from the Entrepreneurs only available EP I Love You But I Want You To Fail, the other two tracks can be downloaded from the Myspace page.

Entrepreneurs - Offensive Coordinator
Entrepreneurs - Soundtrack To The Party I Was Never Invited To
Entrepreneurs Myspace
Pre-order Acres Of Dead Space Cadets


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