Wednesday, 7 May 2008

I Can't Get These Rhymes Off My Mind

I've been wanting to write about Ipswich born Kieren Dickins aka DELS since I first heard Myself Malfunction, which as well as having some sick lyrical content, has some epic... epic production.

However I was only allowed to stream tracks, but now one of his best songs has been made available for download, so here we are.

See, DELS is one lucky/talented guy, he and his Grime group caught the ear of a certain Mr. Peel at 17 while playing a show in a Chicago Rock Bar and were probably the first grime artists to get mainstream airplay.

On top of this, after the aforementioned The Alliance Underground faded away, DELS decided to concentrate on rap, and he and good friend/producer Eli T laid some tracks down and upped them to Myspace which were picked up by none other than Joe Goddard of Hot Chip , who wanted to work with him.

Lazy, his debut single, and b-side Myself Malfunction were both the fruits of that labour and have been released by Moshi Moshi, and even then there's more... he's also a freelance graphic designer and designed the artwork for that single. Check out the tracks below and look him up.

DELS - Line After Line
DELS - Inner Beast
DELS Myspace
Moshi Moshi Store


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