Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Loose Arseholes Sink Ships

I don't really remember how I came across Orphans & Vandals but I'm very glad I did.

While it's the kind of music you'd love to be the soundtrack to your life, you could be living in some pseudo-bohemian French art film, or you could just be in the backseat of a car going no where special at all, and this would still sound as good, though less exciting obviously.

The emphasis in the songs has been put on storytelling and Front man Al Joshua's vocals narrate amongst a backdrop of glockenspiel, viola, piano and "musical saw" played by Raven, Gabi Woo, Quinta and Francesca, who are all multi-instrumentalists.

Each song builds beautifully and you get hooked on individual tales which become personal on a level that they could almost be playing to no one but you, and letting you in on all their secrets.

Orphans & Vandals' debut 10" is a double A-side, Terra Firma/Christopher is available from Rough Trade now.

Orphans & Vandals - Strays
Orphans & Vandals - Mysterious Skin
Orphans & Vandals Myspace
Buy Terra Firma from Rough Trade


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