Saturday, 24 May 2008

It's The Sound Of The Police Coming

Cobra Krames aka Krames aka Cobra Kai, running out of Brooklyn, is a major player in the Baltimore upheaval of the club scene. His new EP Cracker Jackin, presents a fresh Baltimore twist on songs of old and new, including a cover of Daft Punk’s legendary ‘One More Time’ (warning: this song is addictive) and 50’s classic ‘Lollipop’.

A fresh interpretation of these songs creates a fun sound, Krames has produced numerous mixes including a collaboration with Bird Peterson on Fangs & Feathers: A DJ Mix. Check him out at both his myspaces, you’ll hear plenty more from him, and we’ll try to keep you posted. A taste of him here:

Cobra Krames – What More Time!
Cobra Krames – Sound of the Police
Cobra Krames – Its My Party
Cobra Krames Myspace
Cobra Krai Myspace

Prepare yourself for Get Familiar, a new mixtape project that is in the works now.


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Im Diggin This Man..Thank's