Tuesday, 15 July 2008

You're A Fuck Up But I Love You

I'm going to be honest here ladies and gents, I don't know much about these guys, their hopes, their dreams, but I do know that they are consistently producing songs that excite me, and it's not often that happens.

I've been listening to Duke Of New York for a few months now, and I've tried again and again to get some info out of them and for various reasons I haven't found much out. So... I've kind of jumped the gun on this one and will probably be told off, but who cares, right?

Featuring the talents of Dayvd West, Andy Chatterley, Ben Vella, Barney Freeman, Jason Tarver and Patrick Fowler, each of the tracks I've heard have something different to offer while all having one thing in common - being epically brilliant.

Google offers nothing other than their Myspace and despite them performance at the almighty Adventures Close To Home back in March, I found nothing. I admit defeat (until I'm sent the press release through the post - hurry up damn it!).

I can but hope that they took their name from Isaac Hayes' character in Escape From New York, until that is confirmed, here are my two favourites...

Duke Of New York - You'€™re a Fuck Up
Duke Of New York - Mistress Machine

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jamila FUCKING DANCE said...

that first song souds like a piss poor The Teenagers. if they get in contact i'd tell them to scrap that from their discog. "you're boringly interesting"???? honestly.

Carl said...

Each to their own, but I wouldn't say that at all, although I will agree that Mistress Machine is miles better.

Apart from Sunset Beach, The Teenagers are fucking awful, and don't even get me started about them live.

I might have my Radio 1 head on but this is a decent pop song and it's nowhere near as bad as the rest of The Teenagers' album.

Anonymous said...