Wednesday, 13 August 2008

You Gotta Feel It

What an absolute tune this is...

I got a hold of it about two weeks ago and it was untagged, cue a massive all out search to find out who it was by so I can fix the tags for (because I'm a pedant like that).

So two weeks pass and with the help of a friend, I finally realise something I should have known all along. It was by The Shoes.

With foot stomping bass and a neat little riff towards the end, Keep That Control features Washington's Scream Club, consisting of the delightfully named female duo Cindy Wonderful and Sarah Adorable.

Whilst the sassy rappers are new to me, it seems they have released two LP's and have been featured on a number of compilations. They are also touring Europe at the moment and though out September.

The Shoes - Keep That Control feat. Scream Club
The Shoes Myspace
Scream Club Myspace

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